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Do you have back pain related to golf?

Worry no more! Download our “7 Easy and Effective Strategies to Maintain a Healthy and Pain Free Back- a guide for Golfers” TODAY!

Here at Genuine Care Physical Therapy, we know that back pain is a golfer’s worst enemy. We understand that 18 holes can so often feel like a never-ending nightmare if you suffer from back pain. So, if you’re going to battle with your back every time you step up to the tee, our free “7 Easy and Effective Strategies to Maintain a Healthy and Pain Free Back- a Guide for Golfers” report is your key to victory.

Are you unsure whether you really need our report? If so, take a look at the following points to help you make up your mind.

You need our “7 Easy and Effective Strategies to Maintain a Healthy and Pain Free Back- a Guide for Golfers” if:

  • 1. You love playing golf, but have come to expect that back pain is an inevitable by-product of the sport. The truth is, back pain is ABSOLUTELY NOT something you have to live with, it can be overcome.
  • 2. You’ve rested your back in the hope that it will get better. Meanwhile, though, your golfing game and form have been thrown off, and you can’t even remember what the course looks like anymore!
  • 3. You’re taking painkillers to mask the pain. This is one of the worst things you can do: the root cause of the problem is being hidden and your health is taking a serious knock. If you don’t find the root cause, you’ll be spending A LOT more time away from the green.
  • 4. You’ve considered quitting golf altogether. We do NOT want this for you. Golf means something to you, and your health means something to us. Take this option off of the table right now.

So, can you see yourself in any of the above? If so, and you’re still not convinced, take a look at what our free tip report will help you achieve:

  • You’ll learn more about the right exercise, fitness activities, and form, so that your back is protected and pain free. Period.
  • You’ll learn what the right warm-up routine is; this is invaluable for long-term, functional golfing. 
  • You’ll learn how to check critical motions in 3 different joints on your body, thereby preventing back pain.
  • You’ll learn how to swing effectively, thus resulting in as little stress and pressure on your back as possible.
  • You’ll get family time back. That’s right. We know that golf isn’t just about hole-in-ones or birdies: it’s about so much more. We know that family means something to you, and the time you spend on the green is about memories made with those you love. Our report will help you get them back.
  • You’ll get powerful, easy to implement, effective advice for your problem. Gone are the days of pain.

So, there you have it. Download our free report today. There is absolutely no obligation or risk – what do you have to lose? Get back to the game you love, RIGHT NOW, with our “7 Easy and Effective Strategies to Maintain a Healthy and Pain Free Back- a Guide for Golfers”.

What are you waiting for? For your free copy of our exclusive report, please click the red button below. Alternatively, why not give us a call at (858)-832-2533 to speak to one of our qualified, professional physical therapists today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Youngsun Kim, of Genuine Care Physical Therapy, is a leading expert in treating back injuries present in golfers. He is Titleist Performance Institute certified, a certified manual physical therapist, a Board Certified orthopedic specialist, and a Board Certified sports specialist.

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