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Success Description For Physical Therapist

Job Type: Full-time

Who We Are Looking for

We are looking for a candidate to fill a full time “Physical Therapist” position at the Genuine Care Physical Therapy.

The successful candidate will be achieving an 80% schedule utilization rate within 6 months and ultimately you will be helping the company to achieve it’s MISSION of “helping people make better decisions about their health”.

More: You will be helping us to grow this company from a “spare bed room start up” – all the way to becoming the number one provider of private pay physical Therapy in the whole of the Southern California.

To Achieve the Level of Success that we are Looking for, you will be Required to:

  • a.) Be involved in the creation of internal and external marketing material i.e) blog posts, free tips reports, workshop events AND make yourself available for scheduled telephone appointments to talk to the people who request this marketing information you will be creating.
  • b.) Be responsible for limiting “drop-offs” - Patients who book appointments and then drop off schedule are not good for either parties involved. Because of that, you will be required to be pro-active in making regular re-activation phone calls to the people who have dropped off your schedule.
  • c.) Be flexible in your working hours - In the 21st Century, patients expect to be seen before, during, after work and on weekends. We know that back pain doesn’t go away for our patients after 5pm. Because of that, and to be successful in this role, you will be required to make yourself available from 7am until 7pm Monday to Thursday, 7am - 4pm on Friday, and Sunday mornings from 8am – 2pm.

    Your 37.5 hours per week contracted hours will be scheduled during these hours (start end times between these hours are negotiable!) and the salary of $75,000 will compensate you for making yourself available during these hours of standard business operation.
  • d.) Contribute and attend a minimum of 2 hours per week in clinic Continuing Education – including giving a once per month power point presentations to the rest of the team - and attend a minimum of 30 hours per year SELF FUNDED Con Ed.
  • e.) Drive referrals – within 3 months we expect that at least 5 word of month referrals are specifically asking to SEE YOU each month - and within 12 months we expect that at least 5 patients per month are RETURNING and asking to see you.
  • f.) Your patient visit average – the most successful therapists at this practice have an average patient visit of “7”… to be successful in this role we expect that your evaluation, communication and ability to handle money/co-pay objections will allow you to achieve this target. Training will be provided on this and within 4 months your PVA will be at 7.
  • g.) The mission of the company being to “help people make better decisions” and one of the things that we offer our prospective patients to help to do that is a free DISCOVERY visit.

    You will be required to achieve a minimum 80% conversion ratio of prospect to paying patient.
  • h.) One of way we do differently than others are hands-on treatment, so we expect you to feel comfortable to treat a patient with hands-on at least 70% of all treatment session that include hands-on examination, manual therapy, manual stretching, PNF strengthening, etc.

Core Values

We are looking for a candidate who with state license who is able to adhere to the following core values:

  • Ingenuity and independency- We continuously redefine what service in medical care means by keeping ingenuity in mind. We are going to be an independent clinic in order to provide the best care and the patient centered care without the influence of referral sources. At the same time, we collaborate and communicate with others to provide the best care.
  • Humility- We stay in awe of God’s greatest creation- the human being, and never stop learning about each individual and what makes them unique. This attention to understanding and learning about each of our patients fully enable our customers to experience a life changing experience.
  • Natural Holistic Approach- We believe that one’s body, mind, and spirituality cannot be separated, and we promote the natural healing of the three parts as one.
  • Focus on EducationWe strive to educate people focusing on prevention, health, wellness, and healthy lifestyle.
  • The Power of Manual Therapy- Each patient receives a customized hands-on examination and individual care.
  • Logical ProgressionOur first approach is to recover usually with pain-free passive motion before transitioning to active motion. Progress is made with resistance and solidified with performance.
  • Altruistic- We go beyond our business and strive to share the care and compassion for those who are in need in our community. Our goal is to extend our impact around the world.

The successful candidate will work with the owner of the business to ensure that these core values are present in the day to day running of the business – and ultimately, responsible for the successful growth of the business.

All hiring (and firing) at the Genuine Care Physical Therapy is made with these Core Values firmly in mind and we look forward to discussing them more with you at interview - when we can also discuss other benefits and incentives of you choosing to join our team.

What to do Next

Please email us at admin@genuinecarept.com and we will be in contact with you to discuss the opportunity and the application process.

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