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Neck and Shoulder Pain

7 Natural Ways to Ease Constantly Irritating Neck and Shoulder Pain… Stop It From Disturbing Your Sleep and Giving You Severe Headaches

Constant Neck and Shoulder Pain can be Debilitating. Don’t Let that Disturbing Pain Zap your Energy any Longer! It can be Treated Naturally. Take Control, Now!

Your journey starts here. 

Most people with neck and shoulder pain ask us these important questions:

Why is it Happening to Me?

“After six months I still suffer from debilitating neck pain – what can be done?” 

In desperation, we all think that neck pain might eventually go away.  The hope is that your nagging pain will disappear magically when you wake up one morning. But, six months down the line, your pain has not only remained, it has escalated. We help this type of situation all the time here at Genuine Care Physical Therapy.

If this sounds Like You, Read On

Another common occurrence in our physical therapy clinic is that many of our patients have been prescribed painkillers in the past. The issue with painkillers is that after continued use the pain is actually worsened. People wait for weeks only to find that their pain has increased tenfold and the prescription for drugs has doubled. It’s a vicious cycle, and the effects of the painkillers are even worse for you than the pain itself!

Does This Sound Like You?

As time goes on, and the pain increases, you reach out to friends, family, and colleagues, but the information confuses you and there isn’t a single answer for your problem.  The biggest unanswered question you have is whether the pain is due to your shoulder or your neck, or even both… These are confusing parts of the body to figure out, and finding the root cause is often tricky. Too many different choices and conflicting advice often lead people to delay their recovery and allow their pain to worsen. Unfortunately, instead of healing the pain, many people get used to feeling discomfort and they just accept it as part of their lives.

Does This Describe How You Feel?

The Most Common Reasons Why Your Neck and Shoulder Pain Has  lasted longer than it should Have:

  • 1. You thought your neck pain would disappear on its own one day, but it hasn’t. Ignoring your neck pain and allowing it to go untreated has increased its intensity. 
  • 2. Because of a doctor’s suggestion, you took painkillers and waited. But, these pills were ineffective and counterintuitive: they did nothing for your pain, and once their effects wore off the pain resurfaced, thus placing you in a vicious cycle.
  • 3. Friends and family told you to expect pain when you get older, and just to accept it as ‘old age’. Some even told you it’s genetic and that nothing can be done, thus you waited and the pain worsened.
  • 4. You already tried other healthcare providers or physical therapists in the past, but they didn’t help you much. These experiences may have lead you to believe that invasive procedures, such as injections or surgeries, are your only options. 
  • 5. You tried easing the pain on your own with heating pads or TENS machines, but they’ve done nothing to solve the problem.
  • 6. You decided to rest the problem area for a while thinking this will be beneficial, but it still irritates you every day.
  • 7. You thought getting a few ‘massages’ would solve the problem, but all they did was make you feel relaxed and they didn’t do much to heal the pain in the long run.

If any of these seven common mistakes sound like your story, we can help! Years of experience has enabled us to recognize these issues and deal with them. The good news is, you now know what is NOT working and it is time to try things that DO work. If you want to answer the question: “Why is this happening to me?” pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll give you advice that WORKS!

“What Can I Do About My Shoulder Pain?”...

You’ve tried everything, and after weeks, months, and years of pain, you’ve finally started on the right journey to a pain free life. 

Here are the 4 most important things that need to be done:

  • 1. First, get professional, specialized, help in the form of a qualified and experienced physical therapist. People tend to procrastinate for too long, wishing the pain would disappear in time, but how many more days will be ruined by irritating neck and shoulder pain? Worst of all, the pain may get worse and be accompanied by other issues, such a headaches, if left untreated. 
  • 2. Do EXERCISES THAT WORK. One of the most effective ways to get rid of pain, and prevent the pain from re-surfacing, is to do customized progressive exercises. In other words, the right exercises FOR YOU, prescribed by a physical therapist. These exercises will definitely help reduce pain and increase mobility.  Furthermore, they will prevent the problem from coming back any time soon. 
  • 3. Check your posture. Awkward postures increases pain in the neck and shoulders. Be careful not to repeat patterns over 24 hours. Often symptoms are worse in the morning when we wake up, or after a long day spent in a sitting position. The postures tighten your neck and back, thus increasing the pain. Strengthening appropriate muscle groups for better posture, and changing incorrect habits, such as sitting with legs crossed and sitting in a slouching position for long time, will relieve the pain effectively. These changes, in combination with hands-on treatment, can help you become more active and mobile without the worry of neck and shoulder pain.
  • 4. Get real, quality, committed physical therapy. Hire a specialized physical therapist, today. At Genuine Care Physical Therapy, neck and shoulder problems are amongst the most common problems we see, and in fact, they are our favorite to treat.

If your neck and/or shoulder pain stops you from achieving your goals in life, the physical therapy team at Genuine Care Physical Therapy can help you. 

We Urge You To Call Us Today If Your Pain Does Any Of The Following:

  • 1. Stops you from living an active lifestyle.
  • 2. Affects your sleep because of tightness in the neck and shoulder.
  • 3. Prevents you from performing your duties at work.
  • 4. Gets in the way of spending valuable time with your friends and family. 

Physical therapy will help you to get back to the life you enjoy in the shortest time possible.

If you’d like to learn more and are interested in getting rid of that pesky pain, we at Genuine Care Physical Therapy invite you to begin your journey to health TODAY with a completely free, non-obligatory, and risk free appointment. 

How Can a Physical Therapist at Genuine Care Help You Get Rid of Neck and/or Shoulder Pain?

  • Within a couple of sessions we can ease away the pain and stiffness. 
  • We can quickly find the root cause of the problem – often within the first session. We’re then able to explain the issue to you, thus giving you peace of mind. 
  • We will give you back your sleep. No more sleepless nights or ruined days caused by constant shoulder and neck pain which is ‘zapping’ the enjoyment out of your life.
  • We promise a permanent solution to your problem by providing information and guidelines on how to take care of your neck and shoulders. Our aim is to ensure that the pain does not return. One great way in which we do this is to provide you with customized progressive exercises. 
  • We can help you prevent undergoing a dangerous neck or shoulder surgery, the like of which is often accompanied by painful and counterintuitive injections. 
  • We can help you live the life you enjoyed before the pain, allowing you to enjoy quality, pain free time with family and friends.
  • Ultimately, the physical therapy team at Genuine Care Physical Therapy promises to give you back the life you deserve – a life free from pain and anxiety associated with back and neck problems.

Don’t delay – a pain free life is yours, just click on the link below for costs and availability. 

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Genuine Care Physical Therapy



Carmel Valley with neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches

I was doing acupuncture for one or two months. And before that I was doing massages. I used to have a headache maybe two or three times a week, there've been phases where I would have headaches multiple times and then it would go away and come back. Now it's gone away.



Carmel Valley, 27 years old with neck and shoulder pain

I went to a chiropractor about three months after I was injured and thought that that would take care of it. After about two months of going to the chiropractor, my shoulder was just as bad or worse than when it first got injured. Writing hurt, typing hurt, driving hurt...



In her 40's with neck and thoracic pain with headaches

There was a lot of things I couldn't participate in. And I was sitting on a heating pad. I was having to take pain meds. I was just in critical pain and my kids, you know, they felt bad for me. I couldn't do things with them. And now I'm able to participate in life again.

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