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Here at Genuine Care Physical Therapy, we understand how having bad knees can hinder daily activities. That’s why we want to take this time to talk about knee pain.  When it comes to the knees, it is easy to blame ‘age’ that brings about ‘wear and tear’ in everybody’s life. Incorrectly, people assume they just need to ‘deal’ with knee pain until such a time as a joint replacement becomes unavoidable. Alternately, some people just ignore knee pain, believing it will disappear in time. Both scenarios lead the patient to a life of constant pain. This life of pain is one that our dedicated team at Genuine Care Physical Therapy strive to heal – we promise you that knee pain can be overcome.

You don’t know why this is happening to you; furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. What can you do?

Well, the good news is you are not alone and many others have been where you are now. Indeed, knee pain is one of the most common issues that we deal with in Genuine Care Physical Therapy.

Below you’ll find the most common stages sufferers of knee-pain go through: 

1. Why does my knee pain keep getting worse, even after I’ve suffered for over six months?

Whereas with flu, or even just an achy body after a gym workout, we feel a lot better after a few days – so, why not with knee pain? It is important to remember that knee pain is unique, and, unlike a headache or stomachache, knee pain can be exacerbated by various activities. For this reason, many people avoid straining activities and believe the knee-pain will disappear of its own accord, but unfortunately waiting for the pain to vanish only increases its strength in time. 

2. The Painkiller Rules All!

As often happens, patients with a seemingly chronic pain condition are prescribed painkillers by their doctors. Unfortunately, these tablets are often counterintuitive and the patient ends up on a higher and more detrimental dose. For recurring, mechanical pain, painkillers are not the answer! 

3. And after all… A Joint Replacement is inevitable … or is it?

Most doctor visits can be confusing, but when it comes to knee pain things get even more complicated than usual. Unfortunately, the diagnosis given to the patient is usually pretty gloomy.  ‘Bone-on-bone’ or other confusing statements are often used, leaving the patient vulnerable and impressionable. In these instances, many believe a joint replacement is the only solution for the pain. The truth is, however, that even joint replacements tear or malfunction and thereafter cannot be replaced.  The best treatment is ALWAYS prevention, and we here at Genuine Care Physical Therapy can help you with just that! 

Are you confused because you have been told so many different things by an even larger amount of different people? Are you no longer sure whether Google or YouTube have more answers than your doctor? Every day we are faced with a multitude of answers for problems we didn’t even know we had, and for patients with knee pain it becomes even worse. Which exercise helps for knee pain? Should you walk or should you rest? The lack of clarity and the overwhelming uncertainty leads people to procrastinate, hoping that indecision saves them from the wrong choice. Many people assume that knee pain will disappear eventually: they are choosing to just ‘live with it’ – don’t let this be you. 

Is this how you feel? Don’t let knee pain debilitate you anymore!

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Your Knee Pain Could Be  lasting longer than it should Be:

  • 1. You’ve waited for the pain to disappear, but it hasn’t and has now gotten worse.
  • 2. You followed what the doctors told you to do – take painkillers and see - but the pills didn’t help and once their effects wore off your knee pain was even worse than before.
  • 3. Friends and family told you to expect pain as you got older, so you just accepted it.
  • 4. You tried other healthcare providers or physical therapists in the past, but they didn’t help you much. That may have lead you to believe invasive procedures, such as shots or surgeries, are the only options available to you.  
  • 5. You tried figuring out how to stop the pain yourself – perhaps you wore a knee brace or knee support – but nothing has helped.
  • 6. You decided to rest the knee due to pain, stiffness, and swelling, but the pain persisted and still irritates you every day. 
  • 7. You were informed by doctors to keep stretching your knee so you did it every day, but no visible result was witnessed.

If any of these sound like your story, WE CAN HELP. Since we deal with knee pain on a daily basis, we at Genuine Care Physical Therapy know what to do. Now that you know what doesn’t work, it is time to try things that DO work. We’d like to invite you to click the link below and to have a chat to one of our experts immediately – don’t delay. A pain free life is one phone call away.

Congratulations! You’re on your healing journey.

Do you want to know what can be done? Here are four things that need to be done to stop annoying knee pain in its tracks:

  • 1. Make the right decision: GET HELP THAT WORKS. Too many of your precious hours have been lost because of knee pain – how many more hours do you want to lose? Don’t give up on the things that you love. Call us today.
  • 2. Do exercises that WORK. One of most effective ways to get rid of pain, and to prevent the pain from re-surfacing, is to do customized progressive exercises. The right exercises prescribed by a physical therapist will definitely help reduce pain without damaging your joint. These exercises will help you move more freely and prevent the problem coming back anytime soon.  
  • 3. Avoid sitting in improper positions. We often hear from our customers that his or her pain increased dramatically after a long flight – the knee might swell and be painful for days after the journey. In reality, our body is not designed to sit for extended periods of time. Bending the knee for a long time in a sitting posture exacerbates knee pain. Appropriate strengthening exercises overseen by a physical therapist, along with hands-on treatment, will make a huge difference.
  • 4. Forget amateurs, hire a specialized physical therapist. Our professionally trained staff at Genuine Care Physical Therapy deal with knee problems on a daily basis and are well equipped to help you. If your knee pain stops you from leading an active lifestyle, if it challenges your independence so that you can’t spend valuable time with your family and friends, then quality physical therapy is the answer. We will help you get back to the life you deserve in the shortest possible time.

If you’d like to learn more about how our physical therapy team at Genuine Care Physical Therapy can help you become more active and mobile, we invite you to sign up below for a completely free, non-obligatory, and risk free appointment: 

Note: This Free Discovery Session is one of best offers we provide, especially if you are nervous or skeptical about physical therapy. If you are unsure about how the therapy will work, or whether or not it’s a good fit for you, then this is absolutely the best decision you can make. Choosing to book a free discovery session ensures that we are able to diagnose and propose a treatment right away – we want to show you what to do, no strings attached. We’re here to help – BOOK TODAY!

What a Physical Therapist at Genuine Care can do for You to Help Ease, And Ultimately Erase, Knee Pain:

  • We can help you to take away the pain and stiffness, often within just a couple of sessions.  
  • We can quickly find the root cause of the problem, assess the situation, and diagnose the pain accurately. This usually happens within the first, free, session. 
  • We will ensure that you get a full night’s sleep – the pain will no longer ‘zap’ your energy and you will be able to feel pain free, revitalized, and energized. 
  • We promise a permanent solution to your pain by providing you with crucial information on personal maintenance. Our customized exercises will ensure that the pain does not return and that you can concentrate on living your life to the full. 
  • We can help you stop taking all of those painkillers, the side effects of which include mood swings, addiction, stomach ulcers, and so much more. Painkillers are not the answer – let us show you what is. 
  • We can help you stay away from dangerous knee surgeries and harmful injections. 
  • We will give you back the life you want; a life where time with family and friends isn’t ruined by the constant pain in your knee. 

Ultimately, the physical therapy team at Genuine Care Physical Therapy can help you live a life free from daily annoying knee pain. 

Don’t delay – a pain free life is yours, just click on the link below for costs and availability. 

Please enjoy watching these videos of other people who came to see the Physical Therapy Team at Genuine Care - and left much healthier and happier within just a couple of weeks:

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Genuine Care Physical Therapy



Carmel Valley in her 70’s

I've done acupuncture in the past and different things, but everything seemed like it was short term. My knee was bad enough that it hurt to walk very far. I was really limited in my physical activity. And now I feel like I can go places, I can do things and I can hike again.



In her early 20's with severe neck pain from whiplash

I was in a really bad accident and I had extremely bad whiplash on my neck. I started with 40% deficiency, turning my neck side to side, and now I'm at about 10% deficiency, which is awesome. I am so happy that I found this place. I wish, I wish that I could stay longer!



In her 50’s from Poway with hip and knee pain

I was having so much pain in my hips that I could barely walk and I really like to hike and do active things and I couldn't do any of that. I had been to a chiropractor and I did some acupuncture but things worked for a little while but didn't really solve the problem...

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