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I Don’t Want To Be A Burden To My Children

Elderly Lady Exercising

From time to time I hear my elderly customers exclaim that they “don’t want to be burdensome to [their] kids”, and no matter how many times I hear this, it always touches my heart.

I want to tell you something important: you’ve done more than enough for your kids and you deserve their help. Remember that. And yet, despite this, you don’t want to be a burden. This is what we call unconditional love.

Aging is a sign of wisdom and experience and it is such a beautiful part of who you are. Throughout my personal journey I have learnt so much from the silver haired souls I have encountered. So much so that I believe the older generation has a wealth of knowledge to share and impart to the younger generation: stories of success, of failure, of happiness, and of sadness. These stories lay the foundation for the future and it is the younger generation who needs to hear them now more than ever.

But it is true that with wisdom comes great responsibility. It is not only your wealth of experience that increases; your body also feels the strains of the accumulative years. As your body ages it needs to adapt. All too often I see that the lack of independence and mobility, which is prompted by aging, leads people to worry and be anxious about the future. Troublesome questions arise, such as ‘how long can I function and take care of myself?’, or ‘for how much longer will I be able to walk on a beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset?’, or even, ‘what is the secret to a long and strong life?’. This last question has been asked since time began and I’m here to give you a little insight into the answer.

I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to healthcare and I’ve spent the majority of that time in a hospital environment. And today I feel it is my duty to tell you that something is seriously wrong in our healthcare system. I’ve noticed that people are dying earlier, leading lives filled with worry and anxiety, and that they are falling prey to illness and weakness. Why? In a world filled with technological advances in medicine, why are people not strong and healthy for longer? Here are a few facts to make the answer clearer:

  • One in three Medicare beneficiaries receive an opioid prescription, and one in four of them became long terms abusers of the drug. And what’s more, did you know that strong painkillers, such as opioids and opiates, triple your chances of feeling depressed?
  • Whilst the United States makes-up 5% of the world’s population we consume more than 80% of all the opioids prescribed worldwide.
  • More than 100 people a day die due to opioid abuse in America alone. This is such a crises that the life expectancy in America has consistently decreased for two years.

So what is affecting the realization of long, strong lives? Opioids. Given this, how did America get to this point? How have the last two decades born a rapid rise in disability claims and a horrendous shortening of overall life expectancy? Opioid addiction has now been classed as an epidemic. But, it’s no wonder, really, since these tablets rob individuals of their independence, mobility, and ultimately, lives.

I do NOT want you to be a statistic. Your life is worth so much more than an addiction to tablets. Let me help you.

I know the best ways to help elderly people become more active, mobile, and independent without the use of painkillers. Doctors do not have enough time to spend with patients in order to make a lasting difference. The 10 minutes they usually allot just aren’t enough. No personal relationship is forged, no medical history is properly recorded, and, perhaps most importantly, the patient isn’t educated in his/her condition and is therefore incapable of making an informed decision. I DON’T WANT THIS TO BE YOU. At Genuine Care we always have time for you and your health.

As we near the end of the post, I want you to think about who is in charge of your health. When you let the modern medical industrial complex – pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance companies, surgical instrument companies, governmental organizations, and giant healthcare systems – influence your decision making, you allow your health and well-being to take a back seat to their financial gain. You’re heading for a crises. Don’t let this be you. Act now.

Never feel as though you are a burden on your children again. Come talk to us today.

Please keep following my blog for more information and healthcare tips on how to stay mobile and active. Learn how to take your health back into your own hands.

Age is just a number – I know you can do it.

Dr. Youngsun Kim
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