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Want Treatment That Works? Try our Cash-Based Physical Therapy!


Physical Therapy that works!

We get a lot of phone calls asking questions about our practice. People just like you ask us what conditions we treat, sharing their stories of botched surgeries, recurring injuries, and unexplained pain. They ask us what “modalities” we use, referencing cold laser therapy or electro-stimulation treatment, desperate for anything that might help them. They vaguely mention their past physical therapy experiences that involved hour-long appointments where they saw a physical therapist for maybe 15 minutes and then spent the rest of the time being shuffled between machines, receiving a fast food style of healthcare that may be efficient but certainly isn’t effective. They feel disillusioned, not sure why they are even calling us in the first place, doubting that we can help them, feeling resigned to their fate of constant pain.

They follow up with asking us what insurances we take and are disappointed to learn we only take a few different types. They are excited (and a bit shocked) to discover that we offer a cash-based physical therapy option but assume that it must be shockingly expensive (hint: it’s not), available only to the wealthy and well-off. After all, the truth is: real, effective physical therapy treatment feels out of reach for most people. They’ve tried every clinic that their insurance says is “in-network” for them but, frankly, just didn’t experience relief. It’s not that those doctors they saw didn’t have any skill or expertise: the problem was more in the lack of time they got to spend with those doctors, the fact that their appointments focused more on filling billable time than on nixing pain. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the reason their appointments had involved so little hands-on therapy is because doctors are jam-packing each hour of the day with as many patients as possible just to survive the dwindling insurance reimbursements. They are not trying to cheat their patients out of life-changing treatment, but they inadvertently do so anyway while they try to keep their clinic afloat. 

We relate to the struggle and have had our fair share of wrestling with insurance companies, but have found a happy middle ground. We accept a limited number of insurances and also offer a cash-only option. This combined approach means that we are able to offer you the best possible care for the lowest possible price. We commit to spending 40 minutes to an hour with each patient, allowing each one of you to receive the hands-on, individualized treatment that you need. Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t assign exercises to our patients or use a physical therapy aide to help with that part of treatment. In fact, exercise is such a crucial part of treatment that we place an emphasis on this part of the appointment and have a qualified physical therapy aide who helps out. What is different about us is the amount of time we spend with you, the ineffectual filler that we don’t bother with (like cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, or the use of a TENS unit, all of which can temporarily relieve pain but do not have a substantial amount of research to back their use), and the intentional tailoring of your appointment to you and your specific needs. Our clinic is not a “one size fits all”; it’s more like a personalized seamstress at your beck and call.

At the beginning and end of every single day: We are here for you.

We aren’t the only ones offering cash-based healthcare. In fact, more and more clinics are adopting this method of payment, either through a membership fee or a direct price list. Many doctors have found that providing a cash payment system allows for intentional, time-intensive care that is more about patients than about profit, less about the clinic surviving and more about the patients thriving.

We are thrilled to offer this cash-based payment option for you, and are overjoyed that this option allows us to offer you the high-quality care we know you deserve. We are committed to upfront honesty on price, offering both individual treatment price AND various package options that you can share with family members to maximize your savings. 

Don’t let high deductibles, high co-pays, limited “in-network” choices, and fast-food physical therapy hold you back from getting the treatment we both know you deserve so that you can finally get better.

Call us at (858) 847-2025 to ask us about a free discovery session so that you can find out what’s going on with you and what we can help you do about it!

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