3 Lessons I've Learned Running my Physical Therapy Clinic
Youngsun Kim

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3 Lessons I Learned in the Last Year While Running my Physical Therapy Clinic

Genuine Care

My story starts off as a bit of a rollercoaster ride: my wife and I left our jobs at a major medical center and opened a small private clinic. Scary stuff. But, we did this because we had always dreamed of providing genuine care to people, specifically to help them be more active and mobile without painkillers, shots, or surgeries. The truth is, though, time went by painfully slowly for the first few months, simply because there were not many clients walking through our clinic’s doors. And when you leave your job, well, this is not the type of situation you want to be in!

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the fact that we didn’t know anyone in the area. We opened the clinic here because we thought it would be unethical to open a clinic close to our former employer; moving to San Diego was the right thing to do. But, of course, the road to heartache is so often paved by good intentions. We only got a handful of patients per month for the first few months. It was tough, but we pulled through. Thanks to the generosity, open hearts, and the support of people in this community, we no longer have a couple of patients… we have hundreds and are continuing to expand the practice every day! In light of this journey – one filled with worry, anxiety, and a whole lot of determination, smiles, and love

Here Are My Reflections:


Things that grow slowly, last longer. 

With us it was a slow, but consistent, growth. We didn't want to take shortcuts. We stuck to what we believe in and we have always continued to invest in educating people: we support them in making better decisions for their health and we show them how what we offer is different from everything they’ve known before. We never gave up. We published 8 newsletters, 4 different booklets, created numerous educational videos, blog posts, and provided free consultations and lectures. And guess what happened? People started noticing that we were different. It was slow… but, it worked!

This mentality can be reflected in the patient’s own journey to recovery. When people choose the faster, easier, and even cheaper option – not knowing what the issue really is – all they do is mask the problem. Nothing is solved, and the temporary measures taken just don’t work. Painkillers last only few hours, while Steroid shots last but a few weeks and have side effects. What’s more, surgery itself oftentimes cannot fix poor posture, weakness, lack of exercise, or wrong moving techniques, etc. Shortcuts really don’t work in the long-run. In fact, they can often makes things worse. Spending enough time to find and solve the root/actual causes of the problem is definitely the best option. Doing this means that the result – a pain free life – will last longer, and the patient will be so much stronger. Remember, "Aspirin only eases the pain, it doesn't stop the bleeding." Natural and holistic therapy is going to help you, for good.


True healing goes beyond fixing physical alignment alone

Health and complete healing should include curing one's heart, mind and spirit, too. Modern medicine started with a germ theory that proved germs lead to disease. Of course, this is absolutely true, but it has now been taken completely out of context. People always look for something to blame: herniated discs, trainers, bone on bone, old age, jobs, or genes. They’ve all become the “germs”. In reality, though, for the most part people are no longer dying due to infection, rather the problem is a result of lifestyle and habit choices. Sedentary routines, incorrect workouts or training techniques, unhealthy diets, poor postures, addictions, stresses, etc., are taking their toll. Taking time to understand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual is an integral part of the recovery. Thus, a 5-10 minute consultation is just not good enough. In our clinic, we want to know about who the patient is: his/her, goals, passions, and activities. We want to know what our patients love so that we can get them back to it! By spending enough time with the patient and listening carefully, a full recovery is attainable.

Our relationships with our patients extend far beyond the clinic’s doors. Last year, for example, we received overwhelming love and friendship, and not just in a professional capacity. We have shared tears of sadness and joy with those we treat. We received so many hugs and home-made pies; we’ve been invited to our patients’ houses, their birthday parties, and even a family funeral service. We love our job not only because we help people to become more active and mobile, but also because we can build special connections with our customers that last forever.


A healthy individual makes a healthy community

Here in San Diego I have met so many great individuals who are down to earth and who have healthy and strong minds and bodies. In addition, people here have an incredible passion for the actions they take in the community as a whole. This type of commitment and care creates an environment in which our young generation can grow healthier and happier. We are honored to be a part of this great community and we are so happy to be able to contribute.

In the last year, I have learned the 3 important lessons above. But, I have also learned that making tough choices is sometimes the right thing to do. If you’re scared of making touch choices regarding your health, let us help you. We’re here to answer any and all questions, and we genuinely want to get to know you so that we can help. Feel free call us at 858-847-2025.

Furthermore, if you feel like you are slowing down or losing independence and mobility, try our free discovery session. This is a completely free, non-obligatory, non-committal session in which we get to know you, help you out by assessing your problem and alleviating the pain, and, we give you some helpful tips.

As our name suggests, we genuinely care. Visit or call us today! Thank you.

Dr. Youngsun Kim
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