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Back Pain – One of the Main Reasons People Transition Into Long-term Disability

Back Pain

Back pain is so prevalent in today’s society that it is now one of the main reasons people transition into long-term disability. But surely this cannot be happening? Not when in this past year alone:

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    Four times more opioids were prescribed for the management of back pain.
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    Four times more MRI tests were prescribed.
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    Three times more injections were administered.
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    Three times more fusion surgeries were done.

With all these measures being taken to ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ back pain, surely the issue is solved? Wrong. More and more people are becoming disabled due to back pain. And the reason is because, according to Dr. Tim Flynn, one of leading researchers and experts in back pain, “the modern U.S medical industrial complex has created, promoted, and sustained an epidemic in back pain”. That’s right – the healthcare systems exploits back pain in order to pursue financial gain.

It gets worse. The old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ implies that pain is, generally, an unavoidable part of life at times. Our basic human instinct is to deal with pain when it arises so as to become stronger. And yet, what pharmaceutical companies successfully campaigned and lobbied for over the last two decades (spending billions of dollars per year) was to change the general concept of pain. On the back of the idea that ‘there is no reason to suffer’, they have taken infrequent, common pain and made it a plague. They have brainwashed patients into believing that pain, no matter how slight, is not normal and needs to be treated with a tablet. Shockingly, they’ve actually successfully campaigned to make pain ‘the fifth vital sign’ in the Medicare system.

I believe this is the biggest medical hoax of the 21st century. By definition, vital signs are those things by which we monitor ‘life’ – blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Fluctuations in these critical functions may put our lives in danger. Tell me, when did you last hear of anyone dying due to an increased pain-level? Never. And yet, the medical industry has been so successful at manipulating the patient that, now, pain is as much a commodity as blood pressure is. People believe that pain requires a pain killer in the same way blood pressure calls for certain drugs. As a result, people are intentionally taking painkillers such as opioids as a way to ‘cure’ pain – the truth is, those painkillers increase the risk of an early grave.

We need to go back to the way it was; we need to bring back the concept that pain is a normal part of our lives and that it can happen. In most cases, pain doesn’t mean that something is seriously wrong. More than 90% of people suffer from back pain in their lifetime. Instead of overwhelming those patients with painkillers, hire an expert who specializes in natural healthcare. Help the patient overcome pain the natural way by boosting his/her instinctive healing powers created by God. Don’t get distracted by pain – don’t let pain rule you, rule it.

Do not take strong medications as an escape, but, if you have to, take medications as a short-term bridge to moving forward with less pain. If you are taking medications to control pain, please remember to follow your doctor’s directives closely – do not take more today just because the pain feels worse than it did yesterday.

Back pain can be overcome naturally. We’ll continue next week.

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