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7 Tips for a Pain Free Vacation

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So, you’re going on vacation… and here at Genuine Care Physical Therapy we know that finding a better place than San Diego for your getaway is tough. Yet, off you go to Hawaii or a beautiful mountain resort while thousands of tourist flock to our little piece of paradise. And why not? Change is a good thing, and spending time with your family, friends, and loved ones in areas which are new and exciting is absolutely wonderful for the soul. But, for many of you reading this, vacations might be a little less joyful: you’re anxious about pain and you’re concerned about the limitations your body might place on spending time with your Grand kids or hitting the perfect 18-hole game out on the green. We understand your fears, and the truth is, we want you to have the best vacation possible – it should be a time where you experience the joys of life. And that’s exactly why we’re giving you 7 amazing tips to make sure you do just that!

"7 Tips to a PAIN FREE Vacation"


Be Conscious of the Foods you Eat

Yes… you know exactly what we mean. You’re stuck on the freeway or you’re lying on the beach when your stomach starts cramping and you find yourself in the loo more than in the water! Remember, when you’re on vacation you are often confronted with unfamiliar surroundings… and this doesn’t exclude the water, environment, and foods. Take care to drink clean water, eat well prepared food, and be mindful of the cleanliness around you. Your digestive system will thank you. Research unfamiliar foods and try to be mindful of those you ingest as you travel along. Also, drink clean water regularly – and, if you’re doing a lot of activity, make sure you hydrate at least 30 minutes before you exercise. 


Pack Neck/ Lumbar Pillows and Cushions

You don’t want to be confronted with neck or back pain on your trip, so it’s vital that you ensure a good night’s sleep. Not only will these extra essentials help you when you rest, but they’ll also make long-haul flight a lot better! Taking care of your body so often starts with being aware of your posture – these pillows and cushions offer much-needed support for your neck and spine. But remember, if you’re travelling by plane for many hours, make sure you get up and stretch regularly. Your back and neck will thank you, as staying in one position for an extended period of time can actually induce and aggravate neck and back pain. 


Use an Eye Mask, Ear Plugs, or Noise Cancellation Headphones

Oh, the dreaded jet-lag! We all know that feeling… you’re so incredibly tired, but you just can’t sleep. Oftentimes jet-lag actually steals valuable days from our much-needed holiday. Be sure to overcome lost time by using eye masks, good quality headphones, and earplugs. You need your rest, as sleep is an imperative when it comes to the body healing itself. Stave off pain by getting some decent shut-eye on your flight.


Pack a Stretch Strap

For $20 off of Amazon, a stretch strap might just save you from debilitating pain while on vacation. After a long flight, tedious bus journey, or stressful car trip, stretching stiff and aching muscles may mean the difference between prolonged pain and a pain-free time. Stretch before and after activities, and make sure your muscles are loose before and after you travel. If you are already in pain, make sure to pack an additional small foam roller and massage ball for extra benefit.


Invest in Quality Footwear and Orthotics

The chances are good that you’ll be doing more walking than usual on your vacation, especially if you plan on visiting museums or tourist attractions. As such, it’s absolutely essential that you wear comfortable shoes suited to your stride and gait. Specially fitted orthotics – which last for up to 10 years – may mean the difference between a hobble and a stride. And it’s not just sore feet you have to worry about: incorrect footwear eventually results in knee, back, and hip pain, and can, finally, cause serious damage in the long run. Make footwear a priority this vacation.


Use Hiking or Trekking Poles. 

This may seem strange to you if you aren’t a hiker at heart, but research has shown that using hiking and trekking poles remove up to 25% stress off of your knees! And that’s a really large amount. Walking long distances can be tough on your joints, thus using this type of support will make the world of difference. And not only that, these types of poles will save you 30% of your energy, and do, in fact, prevent falls and breakages. There are only positives, here, as they are usually lightweight and foldable, too!


Do a Total Body Check-Up With A Medical Professional Before you Travel

One of the smartest things you can do is to visit a medical professional before you go on vacation. Just as you wouldn’t travel thousands of miles without having your car checked out at the mechanic, so too you shouldn’t go on holiday without making sure your joints, muscles, and entire body is in tip-top shape. And the best possible way to achieve this is to visit a professional, hands-on, qualified physical therapist. Not only will a physical therapist relieve you of pain, but he/she will also give you tailor-made exercises for you to do during your travels, thus preventing injury and offering you a permanent solution for your pain. In addition, he/she will show you how to use a foam roller and stretch strap, and will also furnish you with orthotics should you need them. You really have nothing to lose… and everything to gain!

So, there you have it! It’s time for you to go on an adventure with your loved ones. If you’re interested in being 100% prepared for the trip, we’re offering you a free, non-obligatory physical therapy consultation, as well as 40% off of all customized orthotics for your feet. This offer is only valid during July. For more details, call us now on 858-847-2025. We look very much forward to hearing from you. Bon Voyage to all!

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