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Overcome Pain From Golfing: A Patient’s Story

Overcome Pain from Golf

Since we are located in the Del Mar Highlands, kitty corner to the world-famous Torrey Pines Golf Course, many of our patients are avid golfers. The sport is incredibly special to them, representing time outdoors with friends and family, enjoyable exercise, and a way to recharge. Maybe you feel the same way.

Unfortunately, a lot of these golf enthusiasts soon come to us with a litany of painful conditions. Their back hurts, their knee aches, their hip throbs, and their shoulder doesn’t move as well as it used to. Plus, they feel sad: they can’t play the sport they love anymore.

Thankfully, they came to the right place. Our physical therapists are well-equipped to handle every single one of these pain complaints. In fact, Dr. Youngsun Kim frequently treats golfing injuries in particular. He loves using his proven treatment strategies to help patients overcome pain from golfing. He helps people fully recover from golfing injuries by paying special attention to form, muscular imbalances, postural issues, and areas of injury. He is driven to get his patients back on the golf course as soon as possible and has remarkable success.

Just recently, we had a patient come in with golf-related pain. They were an avid golfer and found that their playing triggered hip pain. The patient felt discouraged and wanted to get back to the golf course as soon as they could. Dr. Youngsun Kim was confident even at the very beginning that they would fully recover and set to work targeting muscular imbalances and postural issues. Within a few months, the patient was fully recovered and back to playing golf without pain! If you too are dealing with pain from golfing, check out our free guide to back pain relief for golfers or call us today to schedule a free discovery session to figure out why you are suffering. We would love to help you so that you can get back to playing golf just like our patient did!

* Identifying patient information has been changed to protect their privacy
* Illustration does not physically resemble the patient

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